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Girls Takeover Parliament 

Shifting the dial for young women in politics 

About Girls Takeover Parliament 

Girls Takeover Parliament is a bipartisan, innovative program that pairs young women and girls with politicians to ensure their voices and opinions are heard. It is a program on a mission to show the world the benefits of unleashing girls' potential and inspire more women and girls to enter politics. 

The Takeover is a call to change the existing structures that continue to hold women and girls back. The program encourages and enables young women to pursue leadership positions and opens up organisations to fresh perspectives. 


By taking over and becoming politicians for a day to a week, we're opening up new spaces and showing our next generation of leaders that they have what it takes to change the world.

Why takeover parliament?

Women and girls make up the majority of the world population, yet globally they only comprise 23.8% of all parliamentary positions. Here in Australia, just 28.3% of our House of Representatives and only 38.7% of our Senate is female.

Having parliamentarians which more accurately reflect the population is critical in a representative democracy and will ensure that our elected representatives not only reflect us but understand and represent our views and experiences.


Girls Takeover Parliament is changing both the mindset and the standard of what we think a politician and leader looks like. We want young girls and women from all backgrounds to look to our political systems and see themselves represented, see people who inspire them and show them they can do it. By making politics more accessible for the next generation, we're showing them that they are capable and supported to follow their dreams. 

Go behind the scenes 

More women need a seat at the table

What do Girls Takeover Parliament participants do throughout the program:


  • Research and write motions on issues important to young women and girls 

  • Lead party room meetings 

  • Attend and speak at press conferences

  • Gain VIP access to restricted public areas in parliament

  • Attend networking sessions with senior leaders 

  • One on one mentoring with their politician

  • Professional training

  • Potential for further volunteer, mentoring and job opportunities

  • And much more! 

Are you eligible? Terms and conditions

The competition is open to the following:


  • Female identifying individuals residing in Canberra, ACT, with an Australian Permanent residency or Australian citizenship.

  • Participants must be between 13 and 24 years of age.

  • This competition is not open to anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the competition.


Jasiri Australia especially encourages young women who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, queer, culturally and linguistically diverse or who live with a disability to apply.

  • The competition commences at 9:00am on Monday 11 August 2019 and concludes at 11.59am on 1 September 2019.

  • Selected participants are required to attend both workshops and takeover days.

How to enter?

Do you want to experience the life of a politician? Just submit a 2 minute video or 400 words addressing the following question:

"Australia has been one of the world's most successful and enduring liberal democracies. But over the past decade, Australians' confidence in political institutions and processes has declined. As a young person, how would you improve Australian democracy and does it work for you?"

Meet the leaders we have taken over and worked with:

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This year, we're unlocking a new generation of female politicians in over 8 countries! 

"Girls Takeover Parliament is committed to inspiring a new generation of leaders and opening up pathways for young women and girls to diversify our politics."

- Jasiri Australia Founder, Caitlin Figueiredo 

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