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Meet our 

Shibanni Dave

Why do you want to be a Trailblazer Fellow?

"An opportunity like this to empower not only myself but a lot more of the community excites me. It's a chance for me to put the passion I have for equalising the playing field into action. As a queer international student, I've seen first hand the barriers that constantly work against people of colour and those with 'non-traditional' backgrounds. Seeing that inequality makes me angry and not being able to do much about that frustrates me even more. Being a Trailblazer fellow will provide me with a platform to actually do something about this anger, and passion I have for an equity of access and knowledge. It will provide me with the tools, network and skills to actually make a tangible difference, while also giving me the chance to upskill for my personal growth. "

Age: 19

Nupur Apte

If you were Prime Minister, what would you do to help women and people from minority backgrounds?

"As a member of a minority through my status as a woman of colour, my experience has taught me that the thing that most people in my demographic is empowerment. Therefore, if I was Prime Minister, I would try and be a role model for women and people from minority backgrounds so that they can see it is possible for themselves to rise in the ranks and lead in whatever capacity they wish to lead in. 

As a woman, I would tackle the media’s disproportionate focus on my personal life with class and professionalism so to show other women that nobody has to succumb to the media’s scrutiny of things that are not relevant to their career. I would also propose policies to reduce working hours for politicians so that both male and female politicians can have more time to spend with their families, thereby shattering the perceived inconsistencies between being a good parent and being successful in your chosen career. 

As a person of colour, I understand that my “loyalties” to my country would come under question because of my background and that, due to the unfortunate reality of our time, I will experience racism. The solution to this in my position as Prime Minister is not to hide my identity in fear of racism and ignorance but to unapologetically be myself in the public eye. This will show people from minority backgrounds that being who you are is not something to be shy about. If you are confident in yourself, then the ignorant cannot harm you."

Age: 19

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