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Pay It Forward

In Australia, one woman dies each week from domestic violence. 50% of university students have been sexually harassed and one in three women have experienced physical violence. Our country is facing a violence epidemic and until our society has a cultural revolution, women need to learn skills to protect themselves and have confidence in their bodies. 


Each month Jasiri runs our self-defence classes for women in partnership with Lake Nite Learning. When a student pays for a class, an allocation of their proceeds is paid forward to provide free self-defence training for women at the Beryl Women's Shelter and local survivors of abuse and harassment. 


Our award winning model is the first pay it forward self-defence model in the world. We have already received international attention and support from UN Women and Buckingham Palace. With your help, Jasiri will empower women physically and psychologically through our specialised training led by champion Taekwondo and boxing athletes. 



We're on a mission to train 5,000 women by 2020